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Girl Child Network Worldwide is center of excellence and we thrive to keep our culture of documentation. We have selected some publications we know can help students, teachers, lecturers and researchers in their work. We are in the midst of putting all our reports, evaluations, books, articles, researches and anything that can help you and so please bear with us as this is work in progress. Please send us constructive criticism. We are a learning organisation and need your support to keep documentation of our work top of the class so that generations of girls to come learn from them.

Please also note all reports presented here have been certified by GCNW as official reports of the organisation. We are not responsible for any unprofessional people who generate reports and use those to target the organisation. Please note that in sharing the reports we always adhere to data protection laws and therefore every report shared by the public is thoroughly checked to protect individuals or where we present individuals we always first seek their consent.

Charity Commission Annual Returns

It is a requirement by Charity Commission that our charity reports on its activities and financial standing every year and so if you go to website of charity commission you will get our financial updates. So far we have submitted two reports to Charity Commission because we got registered  as a charity in  November , 2010.

Website of Charity Commission:Type name of our Charity and Search

Selected Girl Child Network Worldwide Annual Reports

  • 2015 Annual Report of Trustees
  • 2014 Annual Report of Trustees
  • 2013 Annual Report of Trustees
  • 2012 Annual Report by Trustees
  • 2011 Annual Report by Trustees Download here
  • 2009 to 2010 Annual Narrative Report and Finance Download here

Reports from our partners in Africa 

Our biggest role as Girl Child Network Worldwide is to ensure first and foremost there are funding partners who can support our work directly. We work very hard to ensure our partners get funding directly either by assisting them to write project proposals or by making the links possible. There is great work going on with our partners:Girl Child Network Uganda, Girl Child Sierra Leone and Girl Child Network Zimbabwe as a result of our linking them to donor funding which they make agreements to directly .Their reports are on their websites and here we will share links to some of the reports from ten years ago. We will keep updates on the reports especially for some projects we have directly assisted in getting funding. Also we do capacity building of our partners so that they deliver on their work.

Girl Child Network Uganda 

  • Opportunity grants  report from Girl Child Network Uganda  to 2012 Download here
  • 2010 Annual Report Girl Child Network Uganda Download here

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

  • GCN Zimbabwe -Girls At Risk Support Unit Report 2012 Download here
  • GCN Zimbabwe -Girls At Risk Support Unit Report 2012 Download here
  • 2012 Annual Report Girl Child Network Zimbabwe Download here
  • GCN Zimbabwe -Girls At Risk Support Unit Report 2012 Download here
  • National Executive Committe Report by girls in Zimbabwe on what girls want-2009 Download here

Girl Child Network Sierra Leone

Girl Child Network Rwanda 

Researches, Evaluations and organisational profiles

  • The Lived Experiences of Empowered Girls in Zimbabwe Research-Download here
  • University of Essex Human Rights Journal 2010-Download here
  • Challenges faced by school girls during menstruation Research-
  • Rape as a weapon of war-in partnership with AIDS FREE WORLD-

Specific Projects Reports from Girl Child Network USA and other support networks

  • Helping girls in Zimbabwe make reusable sanitary pads. Wise women work with girls in Zimbabwe:Click here

Global Giving Reports 

Films, documentaries and interviews

Our You Tube stations -Get us whilst  in action here 

Many times the video camera reports in a stronger way. Do not miss us in action and always visit our stations and learn more of our past and present work.

Photo Galleries -Our story in pictures 

We never miss a chance to take pictures and enjoy them here

Books  by Betty Makoni 

Betty Makoni who is Founder of Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe is an author and also a poet and she has documented the work of the charity from 1998 to 2009 and all are invited to read the two books below so that you follow the story more accurately.  Many people going through the 600 page book appreciate what work was done, areas needing more support and the number of girls assisted. All proceeds from sale of book are donated to advance the work of Girl Child Network Worldwide. Get your copy to understand where the work started and where it is going- a complete and detailed history.

Books by other Authors on our work 

Radio programs capture a story and a journey of activism

Girl Child Network Worldwide records through audio and all are invited to follow radio program on www. every Monday at 8pm UK because updates are available from Betty Makoni live on many events where she is speaking and what is going on around her activism and that of other women. Reporting on activism via radio.

Conference, workshops,speaking and advocacy events, training reports and networking 

  • Womensphere Europe 2013 in photos. Betty Makoni speaker  Click here
  • Maya Angelou Global Summit for women 27 September 2012…Click here

Archived Program Reports from 1998 to 2009 for Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

  • Decade Old GCN Zimbabwe:Summary of Achievements-Download here
  • Girl Child Network Zimbabwe Impact of programs by World Children`s Prize-Download Here
  • Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on children:Report by GCN Zimbabwe-Download here