Fashion Mixer UK Fundraiser a big boost for Girl Child Network Worldwide-Join the Movement of African Women Donors

Girl Child Network Worldwide dedicates this page to the work being done by Fashion Mixer owner Caroline Akorita. In 2015, Caroline started a fundraiser for Great Ormond hospital and another children`s charity in Nigeria. She mobilised women and men in her circles to change lives. Through humble acts of kindness they raised funds to support the two children`s charities. The event was a huge success. This year she has another big fundraiser coming. Click Eventbrite link here to buy your ticket

Click here to support Fashion Mixer UK Charity Checkout page. You can donate as little as £3 a month. Distribution of funds would be done in partnership with Fashion Mixer UK. We want to see support get to those marginalised girls who deserve it the most Fashion Mixer UK Girls Fundraiser Support Fund Click here



This year she has chosen to support our charity, Girl Child Network Worldwide. There is a fundraiser on 15 October 2016. Details are as follows.

Message from Caroline Akorita below

Let’s make something!! Out of nothing!! By coming together for a great cause on the 15th of October 2016 for a night of food, fun, fundraising, auction, entertainment, raffles and networking!!!
Venue Sprowston Manor Hotel & Country Club.
Time: 6pm Promt!!
Dress Code: Formal
All proceeds from the night will go towards supporting the great charity that is Girl Child Network Worldwide.

So what are some of the projects Caroline Akorita wants to support( Information on more projects for funding will be updated weekly as more confirmations come but see below examples of where support will be channelled)

Girls Empowerment Village for girls in Hwange Zimbabwe is home to girls going through healing and rehabilitation after being raped or forced to marry. Some girls suffer disability as a result of sexual violence. They are not able to go to school. Caroline`s donation will support girls like her

Girls come to the Girls Empowerment Villages for empowerment programmes, like economic activities that allow them to generate income for their school fees.




Donate Feelite Sanitary Pads-£14 or US$22 for 120 to last one year-Delivered Directly to girls in Africa

The situation for girls who start menstruation in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa is sad and needs urgent action. The girls are imitating tampons with sticks and harming themselves, some got renewable sanitary pads but cannot wash them and so prone to infections. Some girls resorted to tree leaves. By coming to this page you can save a life forever..See details here Buy here

Yes we can help girls with dignity and send them 120 sanitary pads per year to last them a year each. Thank you all for enquiring how to donate sanitary pads to Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and other places in Africa. We started a partnership with a company called MyFeelite  UK Ltd and they deliver the sanitary pads direct to Africa. One pack of 120 pads can last a girl a year and so £14/ US$22/Euro 20 is all you need to get a pack for a girl per year. You purchase  from anywhere in the world via a link below through MyFeelite and for your donation they alert us and start loading the next shipment. Please let others know that all you have to do is purchase and leave MyFeelite to do the shipping. Our role as Girl Child Network Worldwide is to let you know who and who has received your donation.See details here Buy here

Donate Feelite/GCNW Sanitary  -£14/US$22/ Euro for 120 pieces to last one year directly to girls in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa

Photo of above logo by photojournalist Gianturco

But here is an answer, at last, Feelite sanitary pad is designed for girls in Africa because it is cheap. After months of partnership we have decided to work with manufacturers and distributors of this unique  African sanitary pad made specifically for the African market  to rescue our own girls from challenges they go through during menstruation. See details here Buy here

A lot of people setting up renewable sanitary pads overlook how hard for a little girl just starting menstruation  to wash off her own blood especially in countries where there is no water and soap is privilege of the rich.Some girls are too poor to afford soap and therefore their only hope is a kind and generous person like you who can make an annual donation of £14 and help them start menstruation.Your generosity can immensely help girls  with disability who can`t wash or iron reusable sanitary pads.Those girls  were overlooked and this has serious repercussions because they are likely to be excluded.


.Donate your pack for one girl per year. If you purchase a packet and let us know which country you are making your donation by emailing us on gcnworldwide@gmail.com. The packet goes direct to the girls of the country you choose and they confirm receipt direct to you.

Our job is to direct you to girls in most need of sanitary pads in some parts of Africa. You could directly impact lives.

Feelite has  special jelly and materials that absorb menstrual allowing girls time to play, read, and be in class with others. There is no anxiety to wash soiled underwear. One pack of 120 pads is enough to last one girl a year.

 Just say on the link which country you are buying for and below are Country Direct Contacts

 Zimbabwe: Concilia Mukosera(Phone or whatsup 00263777597041) or Robina Chimowa (Phone or whatsup on 00263772976643)

South Africa: vicrivchurch@gmail.com

 Uganda: Memory Bandera, gcnuganda@gmail.com, Plot 8 Namuwongo Road Namuwongo, P.O. Box 22086, Kampala, Uganda

 Sierra Leone-Anita Koroma, girlchildnetworksl@gmail.com

(Please note you can call, email or whatsup the coordinators in the above countries to let them know you have donated to them.


MYFEELITE UK LIMITED was incorporated in the UK to launch and manage
our company’s product range into the international market. Our UK

MyFeelite UK Limited:

Prominence House: Park Hill Street,


BL1 4AR Lancashire, UK.

Our headquarters and parent company is

Our company also manages our brands in Ghana under HERITAGE GHANA LTD.
Our brand presence is also inching into Cameroon,Togo and Burkina Faso (all in West Africa).

Our International Operation is spearheaded by ;

Mr. Ajibola Lawal

HEAD: International Marketing/Sales/New Business Development.

Telephone number : +447417377994.

Our Range Of Products.

We manufacture (under agreement and exclusivity), distribute and
market the following brands largely for the Africa market:

  1. FEELITE ultra thin sanitary pad.
    2. COMFORT panty liners.
    3. BABY-KING Diapers.

Our product is a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and our brands are
registered under international trademark in all the countries we


came into the (Nigeria) market in December 2011 and has since made
promising and steady inroad into the very huge (32million) sanitary
pad category market. The brand is also making steady inroads into the
following African markets: Cameroon, Ghana, Togo and Burkina. Our
ambition is to be the preferred sanitary pad for ‘growing women’ in

In September 2014, Feelite made its debut into selected UK retail stores.

Three (3) qualities clearly distinguish Feelite ultra thin sanitary
pad brands in the marketplace. These are:

  1. QUALITY: Bench-marked to be above sector’s category leader.
  2. AFFORDABILITY: at the heart of our company’s vision: to bring
    everyday products within the reach of our target market.
  3. UNIQUE PACKAGING: Feelite is packed is 2’s. First of its kind in
    the market.

In 12 cities of Nigeria at January 201, brand ‘FEELITE SP’ retail
in 221,100 local shops, chemists, inner streets supermarkets/stores
and other informal retail outlets. We also retail in high-end pharmacy
stores such as MED-PLUS Pharmacy. Feelite long term retail target (5
years) is 4mil stores. In Nigeria alone our potential from research
estimate is over 10.3 million (informal) retail stores.





Apart from its direct marketing and sales efforts, Feelite at various
times embarked on various initiates in cooperation with governments,
NGOs and others to support the society through different CSR
initiatives aimed at building brand’s equity, promote and support our
target market’s interests. In recent past these include:

SCHOOLS. 2011.




  1. Feelite is maximum absorbency ultra thin sanitary pad with 80-90ml
    absorption capacity.
    2. Its absorption is made of 3 distinctive cores
    3. Feelite absorption cores pulls liquid in quickly and locks the
    liquid in so there less opportunity for embarrassing leaks.
    4. Feelite Ultra thin sanitary pad comes in regular pad . The pad is
    320mm long.
    5. Feelite is ideal for day use.


The low income target deservingly look for products that will improve
their quality of life …at affordable price.

This group’s a vital engaging partner for our brand. And because we
are very desirous of engaging them not only as users but as partners
who is continuously striving to bring large scale and sustainable
solution to their everyday living. We are determined to pursue values
that are very dear and important to our target.


  1. Feelite is a maximum absorbency ultra thin sanitary pad.
    2. Feelite absorption component is made of 3 cores.
    3. Feelite absorption capacity is 80-90mml.
    4. Feelite absorption core pulls liquid in quickly while the ‘gel’
    locks the liquid in so there is less much less opportunity for
    embarrassing leaks.


14- 37yrs.
Young, growing women.


1.Feelite absorb more than leading brand. Its absorption capacity is
2.Feelite absorb evenly.
3.Feelite has very soft cotton surface for softness to the body.
4.Feelite ‘longest’ size: (320mm) to cover more. Leading brand is 310mm
5.Feelite is afford-ably packed. Only sanitary pad packed in 2’s.
6.Feelite is quality for value.


Brand Feelite is developed with the lifestyle of target market in


  1. Ultra-thin.
    2. Longest 320mm.
    3. Absorption capacity 80-90ml.
    4. Absorb evenly.
    5. Soft.
    6. True to its name.
    7. Superior feminine care guaranteed.

65-80ml. Feelite absorption capacity is 80/90ml.


Superior feminine care.


In Nigeria for example initial target market response when people
hear of a N50 sanitary pad was ‘amazement and surprise’. Upon
experience with the brand it was found to be of highest quality and
very affordable. Feelite is superior feminine care at affordable

Our overall corporate pricing strategy (2packs) is planned to free
the consumption capital of the target for other important ‘buys’ in
their life.


  1. A 10yr manufacturing agreement with a NAFDAC approved 1st class
    International manufacturing company. We’re focused at setting up a local manufacturing factory for
    Nigeria in 2018.
  2. An international Free Sale Certificate for worldwide sale.
  3. NAFDAC (National agency for Food & Drug administration and control) approved product.

We made our UK entry in the summer of 2014 and we’re in thirteen (13) stores in the London area.


Will not let you down.

Kind regards,

Ajibola Lawal  (Head : International Operations)


Empowering Girls, Powering Nations T shirt Campaign gets more Role Models

Girl Child Network Worldwide launched a global campaign, Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Since then many girls and women have come forward to join in the campaign, This is a campaign where one buys a T shirt and sends us their best picture in their best modelling empowerment style. We are of course searching for the best picture that we would showcase round the world. Its about time girls and women, men and boys give it to girls empowerment. This is a worthy cause because we are also fundraising for so much needed support for girls in Africa. We believe in doing something that expands our program to many others. Please Buy Your T shirt here

Our first media partner is MeltingPot and Read what they had to say Click here

Be updated with the news on more Role Models joining daily. Visit our blog and send us your picture or video. Help us send empowerment message for girls round the world. Help us reach to many people with the four words Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Help us also to empower girls to put their education first and also encourage parents and everyone to put education of girls first  Get Updated here on T shirt Blog

Thanks too to all women and girls modelling our T shirt. We are determined to get an empowerment message out there whilst supporting a worthy cause. Please tell a friend to tell a friend. Anyone is welcome to model their T shirt.



Community Based Partnership to end Female Genital Mutilation in Leeds-Ruth for Women and Girl Child Network Worldwide

Ruth for women supported by West Yorkshire Police and other agencies held a workshop to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation. About 70 participants attended this workshop in Leeds on 13 August 2015.

A training manual jointly produced by Ruth for women and Girl Child Network Worldwide proved to be an effective tool to sensitive professionals, parents, leaders of charities and police in Leeds after it was unveiled during a workshop.

What was most impressive unique approach shared by one senior Police representative, Samantha Millar who called for more effective programs to prevent. She highlighted the fact that for one to eliminate FGM given the many silenced victims, one has to be more proactive.

All the detailed speeches are contained in the videos below:

At the end of the workshop participants made the following recommendations:
1. More sensitising workshops for professionals working on Safeguarding so that they hear stories shared at the workshop just in case they missed on other harmful cultural practices closely related to FGM. There were a total of 30 harmful cultural practices discussed.
2. Participants agreed that crime under guise of culture must stop. Every woman or girl must be protected from harm.
3. It was generally felt that many victims found it very difficult to come out. The Girl Child Empowerment strategy would be replicated in Leeds so that girls at risk understand their rights to be protected from FGM regardless of their religion or culture. This would teach them to better understand culture or crime. It was therefore suggested that a Girls Empowerment Centre would be opened to allow more programs to prevent FGM to be rolled out.
4. Participants were all agreed that health professionals should work closely with community based organisations to make referrals easier.
5. Ruth for Women and West Yorkshire would further discuss recommendations from the workshop on training, raising awareness in local communities and protection of witnesses and victims. Girl Child Network Worldwide agreed to work in partnership with Ruth for women and police to sensitive police and other professionals on how to deal with reported cases of FGM.
6. Both men and women would be targeted to ensure society as a whole understand laws on FGM and to help eliminate the practice and ensure protection of victims.

Please view all pictures of the workshop here and we invite everyone in Leeds for future events.

Hostess- Muzvare Princess Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni on Television sharing on how she works with sexually abused children

VOA’s “Straight Talk”
Talk Africa” guest, Betty Makoni of Girl Child Network Worldwide joined host Shaka Ssali from the London studios to discus how being rape at the age of six in Zimbabwe is why she works closely with girls and children in rural areas, including victims of sexual abuse.


Urgent Appeal for Support For Education of Rural Girls Directly in Zimbabwe

In June we made a small grant to Nyakapupu Girls Club in Guruve and thanks to Mayor of Lambeth donation. They did a fantastic club event and they sent us a report. In their report they stated number of girls needing urgent support to stay in school. We appeal to anyone who can donate any amount of money towards school fees. Also there is a chicken project the girls want to do and we again appeal to you to help. You can email us on gcnworldwide@gmail.com or what sup on 07951522790 in UK. Below are reports from the girls club and we did not edit them and decided to leave them in original style. Anyone who wants to visit Zimbabwe and work together with the girls club , please let us know and we will make the connection. Our role remains to link such marginalised girls closer to support and people who can impart their skills. It is a program to empower and educate them so as to break vicious cycles of poverty and violence.


The following girls from Nyakapupu secondary school are seeking assistance on school fees and uniforms from Girl Child Network World wide.


1] Milka

2] Benitor

3] Patrona

4] Liznet

5] Stella

6] Eugenia

7] Setti

8] Faresi

9] Tariro

10] Edelyne

*The school fees at Nyakapupu secondary school is us$55

*school uniform    skirt us$10   ,blouse us $10 school shoes us$20, tie us$5

These girls are from most vulnerable families and are seeking assistance with prosper with education. The above girls are going to school in their home clothes and there’s the probability that they can be school drop outs so if funds permit if they can get the assistance by the early of September it would be greatly appreciated.


The gild chid network Nyakapupu was formed at Nyakapupu in Guruve  in 2005 and followed by training of club coordinators and the coordinators trained are community coordinators Zimuna Albert and Muchiwa Nalan.also were there are coordinators from Nyandoro primary, St francis ,St Philips ,Ruvinga primary.


G.C.N launched by Betty Hazviperi Makoni at Nyandoro primary school.the total number of girl from Nyakapupu sec were 78 girls

2007 the girls fundraised a little capital by own contribution and started a chicken project which was flopped due to economic hardship.

2008 they venture into a tuckshop project inorder to raise fees for 20 vulnerable girls which they managed to pay. It was a great achievement for the club. The group also got into negotiations with the school authorities to assist 10 girls who were travelling long distances to have accommodation at school which was also achieved we want to thank Nyakapupu sec school for their input, Muzvare Makoni also assisted 25 girls with fees, uniforms and sanitary  pads.

2009 105 girls joined the club after observing the great achievements.

2010  They done HIV and cholera awareness campaign and also voluntary clean up campaign. Girls did empowerment workshops.

2011 trip to kariba with 35 girls to view hydro¬power station.

2012¬ the club venture into gardening project, piggery project. the club also assisted girls living positively with HIV to acquire medication.

2013 projects continues but due to poor funding it operates at minimal pace. The club had an educational trip to HARARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . And the club held its 8th anniversary celebrations

2014 trip to Harare Mukuvisi woodlands and have a joint venture with Action IEHDC they provide the group with magazines posters and pamphlets on environmental management, peer pressure, growing up and diseases in short factors affecting today’s youth.

2015 girls clean up campaigns and produced a play ‘nguva yangu’ which was launched at the 10th anniversary celebrations the play was played in conjunction with Action club. At the anniversary in attendants was approximate 700 delegates and the day was most success.


1] We need identification regalia

2] to have a viable project

3] we need office gadgets i.e computers and printers TV and radio

4[] to have our own safe house for girls

5] to be linked to other international organisations

6] to hold girls empowerment workshops

7] educational trips

Call the teacher in charge of the club directly on whatsup number 00263 772557803

See their other appeal for support below and download copy

Nyakapupu Girls Club Appeal for support with income generating project






















Divas of colour launches #protectTheChild campaign with Girl Child Network Worldwide and Star Children Initiative their chosen charities of the year

Divas of colour 2016 begins its campaign with a declaration for the child’s safety in collaboration with the chosen charities Girl Child Network Worldwide and Star children Initiative.

Divas of colour which is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour from around the globe uses its weight to campaign for causes of  importance each year.

It is unfortunate that in 2015, millions of children especially girls and disabled children still face different unimaginable abuses and neglect from those most trusted to protect them.  Governments are looking away, the society moves on as these youngsters suffer daily. Majority struggling to just have a decent life.

Speaking, the founder of Divas of colour, Faustina Anyanwu says; “We have a responsibility towards our young ones. As always, Divas of colour finds the most pressing issues to bring awareness on and thus help the charities at the forefront to raise fund so they can do what they do best. This year, we’ve chosen to work with charities supporting the lives of children.”

“We can no longer pretend these things are not happening.  They are happening as we speak. We’re aware that young girls as young as 12 years are at risk of being forced into marriage, we’re aware that disabled children are being killed daily in different cultures , and they’re branded witches and demons. It’s our duty to help safeguard these little innocent lives through our campaigns. Your donations will help these grass root charities to rescue more children before it’s too late.” She added.

As the Divas of colour 2016, campaign is launched today, we commence it with our child safety awareness and fundraising campaign for our chosen charities.  Our 2014/2015 campaign was focused on depression and we were able to raise £400 for the charity – depression Alliance.

The campaign #ProtectTheChild has set its target to raise a minimum of £1000 each for our chosen charities and we’re hopeful and optimistic that the good people of the world will make it happen.  From now till March is over 8 months and if we can raise a minimum of £10 each day, this target will mean nothing for us. All proceeds from this campaign will be shared between the charities we’re supporting.

Divas of colour 2016 is scheduled to hold on the 26th of March 2016 at Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge, 5 More London, Tooley Street London, SE1 2BY.  Exhibitors, fashion designers and sponsors are now invited to participate once again on this prestigious event.

Donations can be made here – http://www.mbwpr.com/donate-to-protect-the-child-campaign/

Note to editors.

About Divas of colour.

Divas of colour is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour. The most prestigious and lavish day to celebrate, recognise and reward the contributions of women of colour from around the globe.

Divas of colour which is held in commemoration with International women’s day is a whole day event comprising of trade exhibitions, fashion show,  speeches, fundraising and award dinner ceremony. www.mbwpr.com  . Don’t forget to use the hash tag all over social media – #ProtectTheChild  . Follow on twitter @Mbwmgt @Divasofcolour

About Girl Child Network Worldwide

Was founded by Muzvare Betty Makoni in Zimbabwe when she felt strongly that even though she had gone into self-imposed exile because of the persecution she suffered as a result of speaking out against some high profile cases of rape against girls, there was need to continue with the work she started in Zimbabwe.  She mobilised some volunteers and together they came up with Girl Child Network Worldwide.

The role of the trustees and volunteers is to mobilise resources for the girls’ networks in Africa to alleviate suffering as a result of poverty, abuse and all forms of sexual violence. GCNW believes in empowering girls and preventing any tragedies in their lives and we also believe for some girls who got abused already they can be successfully rehabilitated so that they reach their full potential.

Since its formation in Zimbabwe Girl Child Network Zimbabwe has rescued over 70 000 girls from rape and supported their healing, empowerment and building them into confident young women. With the other programs the organisation facilitated leadership training as well as education support for over 300,000 girls over a period of ten years.

More details: www.girlchildnetworkworldwide.org

About Star Children Initiative

Star Children Initiative is a NOT-For-PROFIT organization and grass root organization that provide individualized, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by children living with disabilities and parents/carers of children with disabilities  in  Nigeria.

Founded by Mrs Grace Abimbola Alexander is a mother of a child with disabilities and realising the dearth of support in  Africa, especially in Nigeria where people living with disabilities still face a lot of stigma, discrimination and social exclusion.

Last year, SCI provided  40 wheelchairs, 30 crutches, 20 white canes for visually impaired students,  6 typewriters for the blind. to  primary schools in  7 different local governments in Oyo-state during their  sensitization program in Nigeria


– See more at:


Press Release: European Sustainability Academy 3rd Annual Women Empowerment Conference-Greece

Please Note: Girl Child Network Worldwide shares this press release in solidarity with European Sustainability Academy where its Chief Executive Officer will be a speaker.

European Sustainability Academy (ESA) to host leading UK Business Woman, Rachel Elnaugh of Dragon’s Den (the influential business oriented BBC TV series) at the  3rd Annual Women Empowerment Conference and WISE Gala Dinner and Graduation to support Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Greece

The European Sustainability Academy marks the successful end of the EU-Funded WISE (Women Innovators in Sustainable Enterprise) program, with the 3rd Women Empowerment Conference in Drapanos, Chania on the 25th and 26th of September 2015.  With a high profile international guest list, including Dragon’s Den Star and serial Entrepreneur Rachel Elnaugh, ESA visiting African Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni among other special guests to be announced. This conference will be a milestone for the entrepreneurial agenda in Crete, and beyond.

The event grasps firmly on sustainable business and Rachel will share her insightful knowledge with WISE participants, as they pitch innovative business ideas to a panel of experienced and influential business leaders.

Against the backdrop of the economic crisis in Greece, and its sheer need for business development and job growth, Founder of ESA Sharon Jackson, is determined to provide inspiration and international business support to the local community and economy in manifold ways, and the WE series of conferences is one of them. The goal is for it to evolve into a platform on which business-boosting and innovation initiatives for both men and women entrepreneurs will be built and launched, as to also attract international business leaders, academics and promote sustainable tourism in Crete.

As Sharon Jackson said of the event, “We are delighted to be hosting Rachel Elnaugh at ESA to celebrate women in entrepreneurship. It is well documented that women entrepreneurs can be effective drivers for economic growth. We aim to inspire Greek women to overcome barriers to creating and sustaining business, and feel this is a great way to mark the graduation of our WISE women as they commit to their entrepreneurial journey, pioneering business leadership locally.”

The programme will include:

25th September 2015

Lunch and Conference Workshops on Business Skills

Evening event: Dragon’s Den-style event for WISE participants

26th September

WISE Gala Dinner and Graduation Ceremony

Early booking is strongly recommended as this is likely to be a sell-out event.  You will have the opportunity to meet and network with influential business leaders, in a rare and informal setting, at the European Sustainability Academy.

Tickets will be available at Buy Tickets here

3rd Women Empowerment   Summit  and WISE Graduation Gala, Join Facebook page here

 About ESA:

The European Sustainability Academy is the realization of the vision of Sharon Jackson, inspired by her experiences of running sustainable business leadership programs in areas of breathtaking natural beauty such as Tasmania, Australia and Chamonix in the French Alps.

ESA provides training and development programs for business managers, owners and organizational leaders to learn about sustainable business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is also a superb venue for corporate retreats – especially those with a view to bringing a sustainable perspective to their agenda.

The ESA teaching philosophy is one of ‘applied sustainability’. That involves bringing the best academic research to inform practical business action. With a strong emphasis on action learning, all ESA management and leadership programs are designed to be highly stimulating for participants.

About WISE

WISE is a game-changing learning and development program for 60 women across Greece, Spain and Croatia. The WISE project is partly funded by the EU Life-long learning program and its main partners are ESADE Business School -Spain, HUB Zagreb – Croatia and ESA Greece. The participants (60 women from 3 countries /20 from each) have attended a series of virtual meetings and webinars and created a strong, supportive on- line community on Facebook, via which they share news, acquire new knowledge and exchange business ideas. The vision of a WISE woman is to be a ‘conscious, confident person who has the clarity, community and courage to identify and seize entrepreneurial opportunities to make impact and bring about positive change’.


Sharon Jackson: Sharon.Jackson@Eurosustainability.org  (;)

Katerina Kapernarakou: aikape@gmail.com, 0030-697402904 (;)

Yannis Maleganos:  John.Maleganos@eurosustainability.org(;)

ESA facebook: www.facebook.com/European.Sustainability.Academy
WISE web: www.wise4women.eu
WISE facebook: www.facebook.com/wise4women





Leadership of Girl Child Network Worldwide named winners of Prestigious Voice Award

Our Charity is pleased to announce that the leadership of the charity continues to get global recognition for sterling work to empower women and girls. Princess Deun Adedoyin Solarin will be honoured as Media Woman of the year for her endless efforts to uplift lives of women and girls through the media platforms with her Princess of Arize show and platform. Muzvare Betty Makoni is honoured for her activism against girl child abuse and working towards eliminating harmful cultural practices. Despite the challenges she has faced she has remained resilient and she will be honoured with Image of Africa Award for standing firm and defending the rights of the most vulnerable. She restored their dignity and rights.


The Voice Achievers Award is established in the Netherlands as project of The Voice magazine to recognize Africans and friends of Africa of outstanding achievement on a yearly basis. Since 2012, the award took a global outlook recognizing people outside of the Netherlands

The Voice Magazine is the First and the biggest African news Magazine published in The Netherlands. It was established in August 1999 to provide a voice for the African communities in The Netherlands and African people in the Diaspora at large. We have in every sense of commitment, engaged in this noble course over the years.

Over these years, we rose to a professional and moral call to unveil Africa to Europe and the rest of the world from the perspective of the African people. Being the first formal African News Magazine published in the Benelux region of Europe, we have reviewed the tremendous development and growth within Africa over the period.

Award 2015 invitation card

The Editorial Board of the Magazine constituted an Award Committee that would under strict but objective appraisal; nominate distinguished Africans and friends of Africa, worthy of appreciation and Honour at every forthcoming “The Voice Achievers Award” in the Netherlands.

It is intended that this Award ceremony will be annual to encourage Africans and friends of Africa in various fields of human endeavours to do more and attain an outstanding status. We are in no way saying these people we have chosen are the best but they do have outstanding qualities that we are proud to present to the world.

“The Voice Achievers Award’ is programmed to be a spectacular media and mentoring event. The award is designed to serve to mentor people to aspire for excellence in all facets of human activities. It is a mixture of young and older minds being rewarded on the same platform.

This Award is unique because it offers not only recognition per excellence to the winners but also create an opportunity to meet other professionals and entrepreneurs from other communities in an interactive atmosphere to exchange new ideas.

We recognize governments, institutions, entrepreneurs as well as charities, social enterprises and those businesses that are making proven positive social or economic impact on Africans or a particular country in this contest.


2015 Nominees List

African Leadership Award
Alie Kabba

African Woman leadership award
Judge Florence Mumba

African Political Leadership Award
Pascal Bida Koyagbele

African Hero Award .
Pastor E.E.H. Hongerbron

African Distinguished Career Award
Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam

Spiritual leadership Award
Apostle Frank Quaye-Aikins

Diaspora Media Woman of the Year Award
Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin

Africa Image maker Award
Hrh Muzvare Betty Makoni

African Motivational Award
Leontine van Hooft

African Community Builder Award
Marinda Holtzhausen

African Foundation Award
Smiles Dental Foundation Dr. Mrs. Elfrida Angelina Quaye-Aikins

African Entertainment Award
Tammy Clarizza Abusi

Inspirational Award 2015
Mercedes Monden

African Gospel Music Award
Minister Sonnie Badu

African Humanitarian Service Award
Rosalia Sibulelo Mashale

African Community Service Award
Bob Hensen

African Diaspora Producer Award
Kevin Bob Kargbo

Diaspora Man of the Year
Abubakar Bangura

Africa Dance Act Award
Petit Bagaza

Business Entrepreneur Award
Yvonne Williams

Diaspora Health Care Award
Carmelita Haynes MammaeCare Body & Mind

African Top Model Award
Nella Santo

African Special Recognition Award
Albert Chapel

African Heroine Award
Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay

African Designer Award
Carlos Dauvia Nijenhuis Liandro

African Cultural award
Taremeredzwa Munzara

African support Group Award
Women of Integrity

African Public Service Award
Hon. Samson Raphael Osagie

African Ambassador Award Ambassador
Odette Melono Cameroon Amb. to The Netherlands

Diaspora Woman of the Year
Bridget Fomukong Christopher Okigbo

African literary Icon Award (Posthumous)

African Writer Award
Steve Mwase

Diaspora Media Man of the Year Award
Quayson Kwabena

African Business Excellence Award
Turkish Airlines Europe

Life time Achievement Award
Jan Pronk

Life time Achievement Award
Chief Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia

African Supporter Award
Dick Becht



Girl Child Network Worldwide at ZimSummerFest on 15 August 2015

Our charity is grateful to organisers of Zim Summer Fest for choosing as a charity they support in 2015. Our team will be there at this grand event to join the whole community to celebrate music and musicians and all forms of art. We hope to partner with all the people we will meet at this event. Thank you Zim Summer Fest. More news coming but please visit their website for details on how to purchase your Ticket ZimSummerFest Website here