Girls Space

Girls  in UK and Around the world Invited to form girls clubs in support of our work 

In UK there are many Girls Empowerment and Leadership workshops going on and please fill in form and  email to be considered for next training. You can fill in a membership form from here Girls Empowerment and Education Fund Application Manual

Each day, girls form empowerment clubs in order to initiate healing, to strengthen confidence,  GCNW is operated by and for girls, who remain central at every level of the organization. The GCNW mandate comes directly from the girls who make up the membership of the organization. This element is fundamental to the structure of every girls’ club. At the international platform, girls from all walks of life combine in their efforts to alleviate violence, poverty, HIV/AIDS, as well as other disasters that befall them. We know that girls want to see concrete action on the ground, not mere verbal condemnation of violations of their rights. Girls want to see everyone mobilized within their communities, acting collectively and proactively.

Young women who emerge as leaders contribute greatly within their local community as well as the global community and they continue to be supported by a team of experts within GCNW. Women who have gone through the empowerment program join the GCNW Alumni group on Facebook and they are proud leaders in their various spheres of life. Their stories of success give hope to girls everywhere and clearly show that women and girls are prepared to initiate social change.

Streamlining Club Practices

GCNW replicates a best practice model that has secured sixteen global awards for excellence, innovation, and effectiveness in the delivery of girls` empowerment programs at the local grassroots level. It is a globally acclaimed organization anchored in many parts of the world and stands as a great inspiration to girls and women worldwide who want to actualize their full potential.

The systematic transmission of the GCNW Empowerment Model as developed in Zimbabwe, through streamlined activities, leadership development, and established quality standards will advance the circumstances of girls worldwide.

Typical Activities Within Girls’ Empowerment Clubs

  • Confidence building training programs for club members
  • Weekly/monthly meetings on empowerment
  • Using art in the form of poetry, drama, pictures, stories, songs, dances and speeches which depict issues affecting the girl child and presenting them at exhibits or school assemblies.
  • Sharing information on child sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS and children’s rights
  • Keeping a journal to track goals, career and activism.
  • The discussion of challenges in girls’ lives and the production of solutions
  • Peer-to-peer counselling

Networking, Advocacy, and Leadership Opportunities

The Benefits of Joining a Girls’ Empowerment Club

  • Increased confidence and empowerment
  • Improved communication and public speaking skills
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of child abuse
  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other issues related to health
  • Knowledge of Reproductive Health rights
  • Better access to information about career development
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Prevention of abuse by being proactive
  • Access to services and programs to keep you focused on education
  • Ability to stand up for your rights

Club Registration

  • If you are in USA register your club Click here
  • If you are in UK and elsewhere join us on Facebook to start discussion on how you can form a girls club.Join here
  • Download information pack on how to start and run girls clubs here Click here

Membership Fee

We encourage every girl to pay a membership fee of £10 per year for administrative purposes.