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Nicole Kidman made a passionate appeal for the world to support the work of Girl Child Network Worldwide and ensure abuse of girls stop. Many heeded the call and we need more support for our work.

Betty Makoni honoured by Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman called the world to support the work of the Girl Child Network Worldwide. How kind for her to do this on behalf of many girls who will not exist unless kind women like her speaks out. Listen to Nicole Kidman, UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador and one woman who helped our project get supporters and friends after CNN heroes award of 2009.

First and foremost, all are welcome to join hands with GCNW as long as their ideals align with our vision of supporting every girl in her journey toward walking in the fullness of her potential. GCNW is always looking for passionate individuals to help work to promote girls’ rights, empowerment, and education by reaching out to and advancing the circumstances of girls wherever they are economically deprived, at risk of abuse, subject to harmful cultural practices, or living in areas of instability.

Liz in USA chose to be involved 

Support is like Liz -she did a school project on our work

Support is like Liz -she did a school project on our work

Ways for girls to get involved:

  • Join our many causes: Click Here
  • Join and share our Facebook page and keep in touch with our news Click here
  • Get a beginners information pack
  • Start a Girls’ club at your school or wherever girls meet (Girl Space)
  • Invite your mom, sister, granny, auntie to launch a family campaign
  • Invite Betty Makoni and other women leaders to speak
  • Become a country coordinator and link all the girls you know to Facebook
  • Donate to our charity shop and come volunteer once a week
  • Attend our fundraising events and always check out on our facebook page
  • Write for us and be a reporter for our events
  • Help us receive cases of girls needing help
  • Counsel girls online even via whatsup-give hope
  • Organise a private viewing of our Film Tapestries of Hope

 Ways for others to get involved:

Join our Million Dollar Girl-to-Girl Campaign at

  • Become a member – Membership form
  • Volunteer – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Complete an internship – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Donate to the Girls Empowerment and Education Fund Text 1£ to GCNW 22
  • Put on a fundraiser – GCNW Action Packet
  • Advocate and speak out in various forums
  • Write letters on behalf of girl children
  • Educate yourself and others regarding the plight of girl children
  • Join the Women As Role Models (WARM) Program
  • Support this cause Click here
  • Share our website:here
  • Directly contact Betty or on
  • Organise a girls empowerment and leadership program – GCNW Action Packet


Big thanks to Young women from Utah University who volunteer with us

Big thanks to Young women from Utah University who volunteer with us










Young women internship program

The Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) is committed to creating a training and development environment and to providing skills and knowledge to young and first or second degree graduate women. It is envisioned that in the future and now such young women will carry over the leadership of GCNZ from generation to generation and pass on the mission, vision and principles of GCNW.

The objectives of the Internship program are to—

(a)       To create opportunities for young women who have been members of GCNZ to receive hands-on training and gain practical work experience in order to complement their studies and to have role models to nurture them

(b)       To provide GCNW with a pool of potential employees capable of filling in key positions in the organisation

(c)     To ensure that as many young women as possible in GCNW various leadership structures and stages aspire to take the leadership of GCNW in various capacities now and in future

Interested: Apply and send cover letter and CV to


We need people to join our board of trustees, to help write reports, examine cases of girls at risk online, to work in our charity shop, help us in networking programs, event organisers, web managers, social media managers and administrators, drivers, social workers, project proposals writers, editors, news writers, reporters, trainers, teachers, police officers and any skill you have. Volunteers currently contribute to almost US$300 000 of our overhead costs Please send us letter of interest and CV to

Job vacancies

Look out for job vacancies: Click here