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The world has responded positively and  many events to fund raise for girls education are coming:Join Us. If you have questions or would like to attend above event just let us know

Girl Child Network Worldwide in solidarity with Ultimate Children`s Foundation on supporting sexually abused children in Zimbabwe

Have you bought your ticket my lovelies? Tickets can be Booked directly via the Mayor’s office…You can call: 07946 218 192 or Email:…It will be Great to see you & your friends at our Charity’s Valentines Cultural Fundraiser event hosted by our Worshipful Mayor AdeAminu on Fri 20th Feb…It’s going to be fun

Girl Child Network Worldwide believes that if we partner together for our international and local projects then we will have impact. On 12 December we were supported by the Mayor of Lambeth in a dinner fundraiser. 


United Nations Day of the girl child-Annalia Mugomba grassroots support and awarding exceptional girls in UK 

This year we celebrate resilient women in our communities who are role models to girls. Annalia Mugomba birthday is very special to us . For every five pounds she gets from dinner tickets , she will donate to Girl Child Network Worldwide on United Nations Day of the girl child. It is not how much you donate that inspires us, it is just the gesture that you care like Annalia Mugomba.

This year we partner with AFRUCA on 11 October to support the 2nd Annual Summit on African families. The work Afruca does is life changing and we are so proud to partner with AFRUCA.

We are pleased to announce that LiftEffects has chosen Girl Child Network Worldwide as project of support. We thank Sandra Nelson for all the inspirational work she does. Thank you so much.

Girl Child Network Worldwide CEO is delighted to announce that part of her efforts were spent helping Magdalene edit her book. The Chair of Trustees has been a mentor for Mgadalene and encouraging her to rise and do everything she can do. We are happy to announce that he book will be launched on 26 September and we will be there at this event to support. It is great to see young women reach their goals.

Our charity partners with nine other charities to bring our unity together so that we stage our first ever fundraiser as a team. The event is on 29 November and keep watching this space for details. Unity if power and we need Unity amongst African Charity leaders for us to thrive.

Women of Love International  Fundraiser-31 May -Cork City Ireland 

End Female Genital Mutilation Fundraiser 

The Annual Fundraiser for Girl Child Network Worldwide -5 April 2014 . Fundraising for Girl Child Network Sierra Leone in London. Meet Anita Koroma the Country Representative 

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Fundraiser for Girl Child Network Sierra Leone 


Jean Gasho is No longer a victim, she is a victor, Come celebrate International Women`s Day -1 March 


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