Empowering Girls, Powering Nations T shirt Campaign gets more Role Models

Girl Child Network Worldwide launched a global campaign, Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Since then many girls and women have come forward to join in the campaign, This is a campaign where one buys a T shirt and sends us their best picture in their best modelling empowerment style. We are of course searching for the best picture that we would showcase round the world. Its about time girls and women, men and boys give it to girls empowerment. This is a worthy cause because we are also fundraising for so much needed support for girls in Africa. We believe in doing something that expands our program to many others. Please Buy Your T shirt here

Our first media partner is MeltingPot and Read what they had to say Click here

Be updated with the news on more Role Models joining daily. Visit our blog and send us your picture or video. Help us send empowerment message for girls round the world. Help us reach to many people with the four words Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Help us also to empower girls to put their education first and also encourage parents and everyone to put education of girls first  Get Updated here on T shirt Blog

Thanks too to all women and girls modelling our T shirt. We are determined to get an empowerment message out there whilst supporting a worthy cause. Please tell a friend to tell a friend. Anyone is welcome to model their T shirt.



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