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 Registered Charity in England  and Wales-Number 1139112

There are many safe ways to donate to our charity and please feel free to choose any you like below. To donate £3 monthly email us on Donate to us so that we save more lives.

Monthly £3  donations or any donation of your choice

The invisible orphaned girls

The invisible orphaned girls

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You can donate through our bank whether in and outside UK. You can set up monthly direct debits as well.Donate through our bank and set up monthly debits  Charity  Account Name :Girl Child Network Worldwide,  Account number 03872848, Sort Code 309784,Bank address: P.O Box 1000, Andover, BX1 1LT United Kingdom, BIC (SWIFT) Code: LOYDGB21100  IBAN Number: GB69LOYD30978403872848. You can set up your monthly donations as well.

Global Giving

USA donations which are tax exempt  If you are in USA you can use Global Giving Click here to donate

We turn old clothing into cash. Donate to our charity shops in Africa and UK 

You can send a cheque OR  your old clothing, books or shoes. Come visit us and we meet face to face. Address: Basildon Enterprise Centre,33 Nobel Square,Basildon,Essex,SS13 1LT,United Kingdom  

Donate 2 pounds monthly and help girls to have a future

Donate 2 pounds monthly and help girls to have a future email

Donate using your mobile phone:Its easy and fast  Girl Child Network worldwide has partnered with Vodafone in UK and text donate 1£ on GCNW22 :Just Text donate GCNW22 £ to 70070

Use Vodafone:Just Text donate GCNW22 £ to 70070

Use Vodafone:Just Text donate GCNW22 £ to 70070



Reclaim your Gift Aid

Reclaim your Gift Aid

Register for our coin jar monthly challenge

Our coin jar monthly challenge

You are welcome for  our coin jar monthly challenge or to register with us as a fundraiser. Here is our starter Action Kit Download here

You can donate your used clothing and see us turn them into cash. Just text us to let know how we can collect the clothes on 00447951522790. Every old dress can send a girl to school.

Our featured donors 

If you wish to join hands with GCNW in supporting and promoting girls’ rights, empowerment, and education by reaching out to and advancing the circumstances of girls wherever they are economically deprived, at risk of abuse, subject to harmful cultural practices, or living in areas of instability, consider making a donation to further one of our critical initiatives.

Women of Love International based in Ireland 

Women of Love International

Women of Love International

Pink Papaya donated a solar bread making machine to Chihota Girls Empowerment Village for their self help project 

Pink Papaya donated a bread solar making stove to girls in Zimbabwe .who are going through healing in Girls Empowerment Village so that they do an income generating project.

Pink Papaya donated a bread solar making stove to girls in Zimbabwe .who are going through healing in Girls Empowerment Village so that they do an income generating project.

  • Donate to girls’ self-help projects so they can sustain themselves rather than being circumstantially coerced into dangerous and degrading industries
  • Donate to support our rescue missions for rape victims in Africa
  • Donate to girls empowerment clubs for girls transformation from victims to leaders
  • Donate to allow an orphaned girl to receive education.
  • Donate to our Girls Empowerment Villages for  healing of rape victim
  • Donate to support an impoverished girls club in getting a mentor and coach
  •  Donate so girls-at-risk are  protected from sexual enslavement

Below is a list of our past and present donors-Thank you from Trustee Chair 

Thank you from Girl Child Network Worldwide

Thank you from Girl Child Network Worldwide

Foundations,Trusts  and Institutional donors

  • Women of Love International
  • Face of the Globe UK Zimbabwe Founded by Lorraine Chinouriri
  • New Field Foundation
  • Annenberg Foundation for funding and board capacity building
  • Ashoka  –
  • IS Foundation-USA
  • NELCO Foundation
  • New Hope for Africa-Florida USA
  • Jordan Thomas Foundation –CNN Hero 2009
  • The Apatow Foundation Family Inc
  • 4Charity Foundation, Inc
  • Kathleen Schmidt Click here
  • Annesburg Foundation-USA

Awards and recognition

  • CNN heroes  –
  • World Children`s Prize for the rights of the child-Direct to Girl Child Network Zimbabwe


  • Alec Egoli and his boys club at Sierra Canyon School
  • Campbell Hall-USA
  • College Sainte Anne School-Canada
  • Jennie Elliot School
  • Campbell Hall Episcopal-Canada


  • Union United Church –Montreal Canada
  • New Jerusalem Apostolic Church-UK

Clubs and other charities

  • ZG Club
  • New Seasons Program has donated scholarships to two disadvantaged in Zimbabwe`s rural areas to pursue medicine and Business studies in USA in 2010.
  • Munhu Inc
  • Turning Tides in Essex
  • Wisdom in Action

Universities and colleges

  • Pearson Adult Education
  • Queens University –UK
  • University of Essex-Publication of Journal on Girl Child Empowerment strategy

Private companies and corporate

  • AuthenTec-Florida USA
  • FSI.LC
  • Design’s LLC
  • Financial International Solutions LC
  • Soulgems –USA
  •  Charles J. Taunt Associates. PL LC from Michigan

Fundraising dinners and other events

  • New Seasons Program in Atlanta Georgia in USA

Country chapters

  • Wings of freedom-Montreal Canada

Organizational capacity building and pro bono and volunteer contributions

  • Two anonymous law firms in London
  • Cindy Warner-USA
  • Voto Web Designers-UK
  • Leanne Grossmann-USA
  • Stephanie Griffin-USA
  • Dorothy Laird-USA
  • Shaylee Wheeler-USA
  • Jackie James -UK
  • Haseena Patel –South Africa
  • Jo anne Pritchard

Major individual donors and monthly donors

  • Linda Satimburwa donate to making of Royal Night Film
  • Leah Africadesigner
  • Yoke Liam Wong
  • Betsy Fullagar
  • Samuel Chege
  • Olivia Lange
  • Sherrie Green
  • Anna Coco
  • Ben Escobar
  • Aishwarya Nagarajan
  • Ann Gabor Arancio
  • Patricia Ann Brown
  • Perrin Elkind
  • Nancy C O’Neal
  • Magali Pagan
  • MutasNancy Pearlstein
  • AJ
  • Sara L Theiss
  • Michael T          Tipper
  • Thomas F Vorio
  • Thomas A Walla
  • Pamela Wy
  • Olga Talamante
  • Sara L Thiess
  • John Pendergast
  • Marty & Teri Ringham
  • Craig & Carol Schiller
  • Elbert M Shepherd
  • Lori Herrin Swafford
  • A Shrage
  • Ruth Chapman
  • E Chapman
  • Casey Matthew First
  • A J Matuso
  • Space CoastDarryl
  • John L & Susan Jefferson
  • Elizabeth Alwin
  • Jignesh Bhavsar
  • Peter J Blum
  • Mary Jo Brown
  • Susan M Baranek
  • James A Bennett
  • GiGi Gould
  • Rebecca S Hyatt
  • Linda J Houser
  • Janice E Bailey
  • Katharina M Gronner
  • Maria R Crisostomo
  • Sylvia M Doss
  • Prasanna P Joshi
  • Melanie Doherty
  • Liz Winter Dannenbaum
  • Jennifer A Livingston
  • Mr Laurel
  • Meerabella Dey Montell
  • Michael E Morey
  • Chatlotte M Hogan
  • Diane C Hatton
  • Marth Lee Evans
  • Gavin D Levy

Earned income Girls Empowerment Training workshops

Employees of GCNW contracted to do Training, Consultancy, and speaking and income earned is given to advance mission and vision of the organizatio