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Girls have needs, they want to change laws and policies affecting them. They post here and we deliver to countries concerned.

Empowering Girls, Powering Nations T shirt Campaign gets more Role Models

Girl Child Network Worldwide launched a global campaign, Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Since then many girls and women have come forward to join in the campaign, This is a campaign where one buys a T shirt and sends us their best picture in their best modelling empowerment style. We are of course searching for the best picture that we would showcase round the world. Its about time girls and women, men and boys give it to girls empowerment. This is a worthy cause because we are also fundraising for so much needed support for girls in Africa. We believe in doing something that expands our program to many others. Please Buy Your T shirt here

Our first media partner is MeltingPot and Read what they had to say Click here

Be updated with the news on more Role Models joining daily. Visit our blog and send us your picture or video. Help us send empowerment message for girls round the world. Help us reach to many people with the four words Empowering Girls, Powering Nations. Help us also to empower girls to put their education first and also encourage parents and everyone to put education of girls first  Get Updated here on T shirt Blog

Thanks too to all women and girls modelling our T shirt. We are determined to get an empowerment message out there whilst supporting a worthy cause. Please tell a friend to tell a friend. Anyone is welcome to model their T shirt.



Community Based Partnership to end Female Genital Mutilation in Leeds-Ruth for Women and Girl Child Network Worldwide

Ruth for women supported by West Yorkshire Police and other agencies held a workshop to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation. About 70 participants attended this workshop in Leeds on 13 August 2015.

A training manual jointly produced by Ruth for women and Girl Child Network Worldwide proved to be an effective tool to sensitive professionals, parents, leaders of charities and police in Leeds after it was unveiled during a workshop.

What was most impressive unique approach shared by one senior Police representative, Samantha Millar who called for more effective programs to prevent. She highlighted the fact that for one to eliminate FGM given the many silenced victims, one has to be more proactive.

All the detailed speeches are contained in the videos below:

At the end of the workshop participants made the following recommendations:
1. More sensitising workshops for professionals working on Safeguarding so that they hear stories shared at the workshop just in case they missed on other harmful cultural practices closely related to FGM. There were a total of 30 harmful cultural practices discussed.
2. Participants agreed that crime under guise of culture must stop. Every woman or girl must be protected from harm.
3. It was generally felt that many victims found it very difficult to come out. The Girl Child Empowerment strategy would be replicated in Leeds so that girls at risk understand their rights to be protected from FGM regardless of their religion or culture. This would teach them to better understand culture or crime. It was therefore suggested that a Girls Empowerment Centre would be opened to allow more programs to prevent FGM to be rolled out.
4. Participants were all agreed that health professionals should work closely with community based organisations to make referrals easier.
5. Ruth for Women and West Yorkshire would further discuss recommendations from the workshop on training, raising awareness in local communities and protection of witnesses and victims. Girl Child Network Worldwide agreed to work in partnership with Ruth for women and police to sensitive police and other professionals on how to deal with reported cases of FGM.
6. Both men and women would be targeted to ensure society as a whole understand laws on FGM and to help eliminate the practice and ensure protection of victims.

Please view all pictures of the workshop here and we invite everyone in Leeds for future events.


Ultimate Children Foundation Fundraiser for sexually abused Zimbabwean Children-All invited

Girl Child Network Worldwide supports Ultimate  Children Foundation in its efforts to fundraise to support sexually abused children in their organisation.Therefore our Founder Muzvare Betty Makoni is going to be at the fundraiser to add her voice. Below is message from Ultimate foundation on the fundraiser and we encourage all who support children in Zimbabwe to book a ticket and donate to such a worthy cause. Our role as a charity is to support other charities whose mission is to help vulnerable children in Africa.


As a Charity we are standing against child sexual abuse and forced marriages of girls. Rape of children devastates their and our aim is for every child in Zimbabwe to live in a loving and safe environment.

On the 25th July 2015 we are going to meet at Portsmouth Marriot hotel to raise money. Robin Watts is one of our speakers he has a rich background working with Children that were sexual abuse. He is an ex police officer and he is now retired and he has been going around the World teaching people about Sexual abuse. Pastor Vincent is the resident pastor of Faith Centre which part of Apostolic Faith Mission. He is mentor, counsellor and teacher of the Word of the God. Muzvare Betty Makoni is the founder of the Girl Child Network. She campaigns for rights of girls globally.

We are selling raffle tickets for a pound each and we prizes from Chichester Dominos, Chichester Cinema Vue and many others.

Please book your place for only £40 and that includes 3 course meal and a donation. Please contact me- Hilda on 07443850451. If you not able to make it to our fundraising please feel free to make a donation. Your support is important to us.

Ultimate Children Foundation (UCF) is a charity that is focused in ensuring that every child in Zimbabwe reaches their full potential. The charity focuses on social issues that are affect children in Zimbabwe. Ultimate Children Foundation supports 34 children who are in Zvimba, Buhera and Chiropa area. These 34 children fall on two projects running that are running in Zimbabwe.  The first project supports 30 children through sponsoring education and their books. The other project is directed to a specific social problem which campaigns against child sex.

Ultimate Children Foundation aims to raise awareness of social problems through campaigning and fundraising. The fundraising activities are being done by members, volunteers and well-wishers. To date we completed different fundraising activities including 5K marathon and Martin a friend of UCF cycled from London to Oxford to help raise money for the charity.

One of the annual fundraising event which the organisation take pride in is the summer black tie event that is held in Portsmouth every year. This event aims to raise a profile of the organisation and raise funds for the charity. Every fundraising event is focused on different theme and our theme this year is Zero tolerance to child sexual abuse. We have two children we are supporting who were sexually abused by their father and has a result two children were born from this abuse. The girls were around 12 and 13 years when this happened.







Facebook finally removes Chinamwali-harmful cultural practice worse than FGM



Finally and after some good six months of pleading, petitions and speaking out, Facebook has finally removed the harmful cultural practice of Chinamwali commonly practised in Malawi and some parts of Southern Africa. Girls are taken into sexual initiation and taught how to please a man during sex. There will be adults teaching girls as young as 7 years how to perform sexual dances. During that time some girls go through labia elongation, pulling of clitoris to make them larger than the natural size. All this to please a husband you do not even know.

Many of the girls who even are forced to abandon school for months go to the sex training schools where they get inducted by older women. They are taught all sorts of bedroom positions whilst having sex with a man. How cruel this is to girls because many of them are not even mature to have sex. Reports show that 80% of girls who go to Chinamwali either fall pregnant or get married to transmit all skills acquired during Chinamwali.

`Facebook needs a lot of experts in child protection. They must work with some gender experts from all over the world to ensure women are not undermined on Facebook. Imagine having to come to Facebook and seeing a picture of a nude girl and a man abusing her body. I am just hoping there be more coordination between Facebook and us gender activists and many other governments to ensure such pages are removed before such nude pictures contaminate our young generation. What was posted on this page promoted abuse of women and girls. The page promoted harmful cultural practices like FGM and am relieved it is gone`, said Muzvare Betty Makoni CEO of Girl Child Network Worldwide

Meanwhile the battle is not over. In situations where Facebookers use their vernacular language, it looks like Facebook is not paying attention to those reports. The protection of girls and the spread of information that promote harming them is under sharp eye of Girl Child Network Worldwide and other organisations that promote the rights of girls.


Girls In Commercial Sex work Are Not Vice But Victims

Girls grinding mills provide funds to keep girls in school

Girls grinding mills provide funds to keep girls in school

The opinion below is Muzvare Betty Makoni`s stance

Girls in Commercial sex work are not statistics but stories, they are victims not vice as reported online by Zimbabwean newspapers.

I woke up to read this heading from an online paper, Vice girls see up to 12 clients a day. I thought it very insensitive given the fact some girls cited in the article are merely children whose lives are at risk and needing urgent support like any other affected by a Man Made disaster. To think media could label such vulnerable groups of girls like this and think to look for survival is vice and not being victim is just to underestimate personal struggles of poor women and girls. No woman or girl I know would ever give her body to sex if they had basics. Some economic situations become wars fighting women and girls to surrender their bodies to get a living.

How can we call girls whose lives have been destroyed by poverty and disease vice? Why are males sexually exploiting the girls protected from public shame? Why can’t they use their millions to start Girls Funds to help girls with education and empowerment? Where is our human spirit and love? There is silence over men who abuse power and money to exploit the girls. We have protected them to an extent they take blame of their moral rot to innocent vulnerable groups. Are the male clients virtuous and why are we silent and protecting adult men who exploit the girls. And we read that many are setting up brothels to recruit unsuspecting girls from especially rural areas. A girl in commercial sex who is aged 12 is a victim society must think about and government do everything to protect.

And for  Centre for Sexual Health, HIV and AIDS Research (CeSHHAR) program officer programme co-ordinator Sibongile Mtetwa to appear in such a gender insensitive news article is very tragic. As a professional charity please be sensitive to the vulnerable girls and present their stories and pictures in a respectful manner. It is a pity a case of girls all of us are supposed to help with long term solutions are being publicly insulted and blamed in such a disgusting way by mobs of men online. Just look at comments that men and women are posting under the article. What kind of a people are we honestly? Where is our human love? On my part I will not share the article because I respect children protection laws. The article contains vulgar comments the editors are allowing to be posted and making such gender insensitive comments. Why can’t these people control comments on such sensitive matters online for the sake of dignities of women and girls ? This is so shocking.

What we should know is that the girls labelled vice are virtuous and they are in such situations because of man-made disasters. The girls are not Vice but Victims. Why should we blame the vulnerable instead of the rich and selfish in our countries and every part of the African continent. Of course some bad political and economic decisions lead to such tragedies especially on those weak and vulnerable. Sometimes people can’t demonstrate on the streets or show what poverty has done to them but they can sacrifice their dignities through such acts like prostitution. Girls in prostitution should never be just statistics and numbers. Each one of them is a story of failed leadership in our continent. We must call vice those who leaders who are insensitive to plight of women and girls. They should be blamed for allowing girls to be so vulnerable. Let’s all focus on solving the root causes of poverty.

Once again can we remind those working in humanitarian causes to know and understand the plight of girls and remind them it is always important to share their stories with respect and dignity.



Esse Agasse speaks to save girls lives-Nigeria focus

The Girl Child in Nigeria – Hopes, Fears and Aspirations

Greetings distinguished ladies and gentlemen, families and friends of the Nigerian community in Cork City here, I am honoured to be presenting this timely speech titled The Girl Child in Nigeria – Hopes, Fears and Aspirations.

In my walk in life I have come to realise that I cannot take fore-granted the opportunities that God has enabled me to have through parents who made sure that I had a  good education and made sure that I was empowered to face the future that I now find myself in.

Having said this, in Nigeria and in the world at large not many ‘GIRLS’ have had this same opportunities for the simple reason that culture and most times poverty did not allow them to pursue Education and self-actualisation.

Recently the voices of well-meaning Nigerian women rang out when the Senate could not come to a consensus about deleting Section 4 29 (4) B, which says “any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age” this was overturned by Senator Yerima based on religious grounds on the 16th of July.

I will read a precise summation from an online write up by Tinenenji Banda – A Zambian lawyer and a JSD student at Cornell Law School based in the USA.

“While the clause in question deals with the renunciation of citizenship and not the question of child marriage, the clause is an implicit endorsement of child marriage and undermines the legal protection accorded to children under the Child Rights Act of Nigeria which prohibits child marriages and provides that any marriage involving an individual under the age of 18 is null and void.”

Based on this summation it is apparent that the Nigerian constitution has taken away the right of a girl to be educated or decide for that matter to whom she should be married to, as she has not been given the opportunity to come of age, but is called a ‘Woman’ just because she is married.  (God created Adam and a Woman not Adam and a Girl bride)

On the 13th of July women of Love International, an association of which I am the President had a seminar themed ‘Educate a Girl and Secure the Future’. This was based on the trend, not only in Africa but some other parts of the world, where girls were either married off too early or treated as sex slaves by people who see girls as objects instead of human beings. Little did we know that on the 16th of July the Senate allowed a clause that should be removed for the safety of the average Nigerian girl child.

More than once I was told by people to be quiet because the Northern women in Nigeria are not complaining as the issue of ‘Girl child Marriage’ is rampant in that region. The level of poverty and lack of education of these women will be the main reason they do not see anything wrong with child marriage or child abuse as they train their girls from birth to be ready for marriage. A girl who grows up in this type of environment will also allow her daughter to be treated in the same manner because that is all she knows.

At 53, Nigeria should be the champion of Girl Child Education not the Champion of Girl child marriage. Whether Nigeria knows it or not, we set trends in Africa and for that reason we should always be careful of the type of trends we set. It became a world-wide issue and this strengthened other African Nations who are involved in the Barbaric act of treating girls as sex slave, because they are indeed sex slaves under the guise or legalisation of marriage.


Our fear is that we are ridding Nigeria of future women leaders by giving them to twisted men like Yerima who would have married 3 child brides to date and that is if he has not molested others that we do not know about and paid off their parents to be quiet.

On Aljazera he quoted the Quran to buttress his point and he said one of his child brides is now in the university, but does she have a mind of her own, will she be able to boldly do what she believes to be right by her and her children? As educated as she is, will she be able to say NO if Yerima decides to marry of their 10year old in the future (if they were to have a daughter?) as he said on Aljazeera that he will do this.

Health issues related to child marriages. Recently in Yemen an 8 year old bled to death when her 40somthing year old husband had sex with her for the very 1st time. In Nigeria we have countless of cases that are not reported, however,  there are reportedly at least 200,000 cases of Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) across Nigeria, which is an embarrassment to the girls involved and their parents as the tendency is for the men to dump the poor girls if this happens, just in case you are wondering about VVF, simply put it is the passing of urine and faeces without control. While Yerima was able to establish on his Aljazeera interview, that this can happen to any woman, the truth is that majority of the cases that were noted are related to girl children.

We hope that since the government are not able to pass a vote on the constitution they will be able to provide free medical help for these poor girls.

Fears of domestic violence, where the poor girl will not be able to defend herself and end up dead.

Fears of sexually transmitted diseases that is due to no fault of theirs.

Fear of social and psychological isolation, the men keep them in bondage because they don’t want them to realise that the situation they are in is wrong for them.

Fears of lack of education and Knowledge. They are not educated as they end up having children too early and are not able to go to school.

I can go on and on about the fears, however I am thankful that I am standing here as a testament to the fact that the world realises that the Girl Child needs to have a voice.


Hopes and Aspirations

I am grateful that the United Nations are daily coming up with help in the most needed areas as I know that in Katsina they have matched the state Government in Aid for the education of Girl Children, it must be noted that Katsina is the only state in Nigeria, that has fashioned out a ministry for girl child education and has focused on making sure that funds have been provided, we hope that other states will emulate Katsina state in this regards.

I am grateful that world-wide Women, like my humble self, who are opportune are crying out for the right change and are working towards this in ways that they can.

I am grateful that there are men who are appalled by the idea of child marriages and are pro-active as regards Girl Child Education, a case in point is the Governor of Katsina State His Excellency, Ibrahim Shehu Shema.

We hope that in Nigeria we can copy models that are in place to help take over children from the streets and bedrooms into class rooms, a model example would be the Girl Child Network Worldwide, Championed by an African woman name Betty Makoni. We are hoping that the First Lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, with her Laudable Women4Change organisation will empower other women in the different states in Nigeria to run assisted Girl child education and incentives. As the mother of the Nation this should be her chief aim as I know for a fact that she is very much interested in empowering women.

I thank the President and members of the Nigerian Community in Cork for the opportunity to share my views on The Girl Child in Nigeria – Hopes, Fears and Aspirations

Our theme with Women of love International remains – EDUCATE A GIRL SECURE THE FUTURE.

Thank you once again for this opportunity, God bless you all.


Poverty reduces University female students into prostitutes:Falling just before finishing line

                When vicious cycle of poverty is about to be broken, sometimes it comes back more viciously. One hopes the University is final destination for a poor girl but story below proves otherwise. Certain situations just leave girls and young women even more vulnerable and powerless. But just hold, do you know when you start telling the story someone maybe moved to help? Where are donors and governments when female students are being turned into prostitutes by poverty?There is an emergency here and  now that Zimbabwe has a female Higher Education Minister, Olivia Muchena we are hoping she will be moved by plight of the girl children and help out.I am hoping donors will set aside about just US$ 20 000 to help with a scholarship because amounts turning girls into prostitutes are reasonable. The only development I know to have impact is to support young women to attain  higher education- Muzvare Betty Makoni                           

                                                      Darkness in the Light room……By Britta Jasi

Despite poverty she will not give away her body

Despite poverty she will not give away her body

Midlands State University is an institution on the rise offering opportunities for students who want to have careers in diverse fields that may range from accounting, environmental studies to Theatre Arts and media but the list is endless. It boasts of seven faculties which are Social Science, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture, Faculty of Arts, Commerce, Education, Law and Science and technology. These faculties boast all in all 47 departments under their wings. It has one of the highest numbers of students in Zimbabwe amongst other universities amounting to more than 16000 as it strategizes with dual enrolment annually. Also, this university has many accolades of excellence to its name. It has three operating campuses namely the Main campus, Batanai campus and School of Business and Law. No wonder many students are thrilled to join it upon finishing their A levels. However, this institution can be a dream killer and a death trap when one just goes in with no proper protective life equipment.

A lot has been going on underground but no proper research has been done but the results are screaming everywhere. (For example the sex tape that became talk of the nation last year). Something seriously needs to be done if this university is to keep alive its vision of producing destined and focused graduates who will make a difference out there.

To start with, life for an average student is really hard to manage. The fees for parallel students is close to $700 per semester whilst for the conventional students it is somewhere around $650 because the government subsidizes for the latter. There is no food or accommodation on that amount. The government also has a Cadetship program where students apply and if you are admitted into the program, you pay around half of what you were supposed to pay for the fees. To add salt to the already open wound, three quarters of the money is needed for you to register lest you will be sent out of lectures and be prohibited from accessing the computer lab and library. I have been in this situation several times and I tell you if you are not strong it can have far reaching negative effects.

Though the school has been on a building spree for hostels, it can only cater accommodation for around 3000 students. Resident students fees in the hostels are around $55 to $70 per month and students are not allowed to cook in the hostels. An average plate of sadza and relish costs a $1 at the Dining Hall and a loaf of bread the same amount at tuck shops. I guess now you are wondering where the other probably 13 000 students are accommodated. Well, they are scattered all over the townships of Gweru but the majority are packed in the two most famous suburbs which are the Nehosho and Senga suburbs which are roughly 3km away from the main campus. Here, students pay from $65-$85 per head and can share a room with three or four other roommates.

Now the issues become interconnected. I hope I will explain clearly. Firstly because of the congestion, there is increased demand for basics such as water and electricity. For that reason, there is constant water and electricity rationing. Sometimes water can disappear from taps to close a week or a more. From my experience, the normal routine for us on a normal day would be to wake up at around 5 am and go to the boreholes that can be 1km or so away from your residence to catch a queue for water. After spending maybe 1hr 30 minutes struggling in the lines we would finally get the opportunity to get the water and carry the buckets on our heads and head back home. The next thing would be to clean the corridor, the toilets and the yard. After finishing, the other struggle to get to the bathroom would start. There used to be a long queue because at that house we were staying there were around 13 students who would want to bath and attend the 8:00 lecture yet the legislation in Zimbabwe that govern the urban areas is clearly specific that for every 6 heads there should be a toilet hole. After that battle then the battle of the stomach would commence. Usually we would go for cold leftovers because the power would be gone and even if it was there, normal breakfast of bread and something would be unaffordable. Then we would walk the 3km distance to school. That made it almost impossible for us to be on time for most of the 8:00 lectures.

A normal day at school would comprise of lectures and part time study in the computer labs or the library. However whenever we had the free time to socialize with classmates, the topic of hot headed landlords always stood up. I personally had that problem when I was still first year. My landlady would come into our room and take whatever she desired from salt, sugar, rice and sometimes cooked food. There was nothing wrong if only she could ask. Another problem I had with that is that I would be given probably $15 per month on average to manage my groceries as well as typing and printing. The reason why I get this little amount is because my father is a pensioner who gets around $150 per month and still has to cater for my other family members, save for my brothers’, nieces’ and my school fees and that is the reason why even the half amount for Cadetship he finds it very unaffordable. You can just imagine how I would survive especially when I had a landlady and her kid to take care of. I would spend the rest of the month fasting because the food would be finished. It was very surprising though that when these times came, she never thought of helping out.
Sometimes she came home after hours and she would call on my phone so that I open the gate. It did not matter if I was studying or fast asleep. However, when I sometimes had lots of work to do and hence studied late till the library closes at 10pm, she would ignore me even if it was raining. The young brother then would after probably an hour soaking in the rain open the gate.

The major problem I started to have with my landlady was her bad influence. She never gave me a choice; we would do whatever she had decided. Then I was still young and embracing my soft spirit till I realized that I was headed for self destruction if I did not develop a thick skin. She used to bring home men of different personalities and professions from that violent married guy at the end of the street to the mayor of a nearby town. Then sometimes these men would bring their friends and she would discuss with them how I was interested in going out with them behind my back. Then upon getting home, a sequence of events would be planned for me. I was scared to refuse because I never knew what she would do afterwards because in these suburbs you could be told to move out any time even at night. I was however always rude to these men and most of them would not want to communicate with me afterwards and I was grateful for that.

Some of my friends at varsity also told me of their experiences with male landlords. Some said they would try to lure them to have sex with them when their rent money came late.
When we went out to popular places like the Down town open space bar, I would get lost in the scenes. For several times I met with familiar faces from the university wasted with beer and drugs. We never talked because everyone was minding their own business. That is when I realized that most powerful men (including some lecturers-again personal experience) used even a plate of sadza to lure girls to have sex with them. To some, this may sound odd but try spending 3 days drinking tea with a little sugar; no milk and nothing for it to go down with then you will realize how easy it will be for you to be manipulated to commit such a disgusting act.
The situation grew tense till I was scared to come back to what was supposed to be my home. I would study till the library closed at 10pm and chat with my friend in her hostel till 11pm then I would go back to my place hoping to find her fast asleep. When I started to resist her “friendship”, she became as cold as a statue. Then you can now understand how happy I was when she told me to move out.

It will be unfair to say that these wars are just inflicted upon the students and we are not playing a part. Those will be pure lies. Many students are now staying as husband and wife in the locations. Also, some are even mentally abusing the other roommates like what used to happen to my friend at her place. She had a roommate who would bring her boyfriend at night in their room and when they thought she was asleep, she would hear them groaning and moving in trance like moves on the other side of the small room. They were having sex in her presence and she confessed that after the boyfriend had left she would go to the bathroom to clean up because she would be sexually aroused. Some of the students are also causing trouble with the landlords like refusing to pay rentals and when the landlord persists on getting his dues they just move out. Where will they get the notorious students because even if they are to force tenant students to register upon getting accommodation at their place, fake names would be used. Talk of unprotected sex with irregular partners, drug abuse, smoking and over partying….the list is endless.

The poverty has made many students vulnerable thus exposing their humility-ubuntu, the spirit of humanity. This can be evidenced by the rate of which girls are selling themselves for money, food or fun. In other words, we have allowed unworthy men to strip us down of our royalty and treat us like trash. It was going to be helpful if powerful women could constantly do awareness and empowerment campaigns so that ladies can be informed that even without money, food, fees or fancy clothes nobody has the right to treat us like trash because we were born royal and so shall we leave this earth. Something also seriously needs to be done in terms of security in the suburbs where we are tenants because most of the times we are being violated because of ignorance and lack of support.


The urgent world petition to save Nigerian girls from a paedophile Senator



The world is being called upon to urgently act and stop pedophile senator who married a 13 year old girl under dubious laws and cultures that violate all universal laws. Children are aged 18 and under. To think the a current governor and senator in Nigeria by the name Sani Yerima could advocate for vote of anything to result in sexual violence genocide of girls is unheard of. Already he broke universal UN laws on rights of the child by marrying the girl aged 13. As if that was criminal enough since he won the case, he now wants to rape more under guise of marriage. Women and girls are calling for global citizens arrest wherever they come across this senator. Laws in Nigeria may be favorable to him but laws in the global village will punish him severely. If our governments fail to protect girls, the global village round the world will do everything to embarrass such perpetrators- global citizens arrests of him remains but one of the options.

Eveyone wants an answer and this outrage has come from Esse A Agasse Founder of Women of Love and a top all time female musician now based in Ireland

My heart is heavy why do people preach evil in the name of religion. Has Yerima given his 13 year old daughter in marriage, if he has that is his business. Why should the senate entertain a hazy line in what can lead to girl children being molested. Infact why is Yerima still a senator?

Free girls from rapists under guise of marriage

Free girls from rapists under guise of marriage


“The Nigerian Senate has made it part of the Nigerian Constitution to give adult men the right to take any young girl as a wife, even as young as ten years old. Here is the senate’s new rule: “”The Nigerian Senate also resolved to alter Section 29 (a) of the constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains the 18 years as they deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open. The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.

“Please sign this petition to stop this ungodly act in Nigeria. All you need to do is to click on the face of the girl which will lead you to the petition page. When you have signed, CLICK on INVITE FRIENDS, and then TWEET about it… Invite more people to sign. Thank you and God bless you!

Please sign here Petition is very urgent


Government of Zimbabwe must provide students with University loans and grants


muzvare…hope i find you well.i had a case with a girl who nids financial assistance urgently.she got a place kuUz accounting.her name is ……..she gt 15 points at A she is sleeping at my place.apparently,the father goes home every weekend bt she has problem with her brother who always fight her for minor things.their mum is late.the environmt is nt healthy at all.if she cam get financial assistance for fees including accommodation at is 400us per semester. Then the fees is 480 per semester.I hope you wl are my last hope. Thanx in advance.Yours faithfully

The responses we got as follow up to this article is as follows  and show things are very hard for poor students especially females who now resort to prostitution.

CM:things are tyt fo university students, so state university are gng fo abt 630 usd per semester like where i learn in midlands, even rentals are as high as 100 usd a month , worse still wth these exobitant prices th conditions are delapidated th gvt must really do smthng otherwise some potential experts will never get a chance at xul

KB:Its really sad cause on the ground, education is for those whose parents can afford, yet education is mearnt to be for all.

 NM:Betty, student grants stopped almost 8 years ago when I was in second year at UZ

Sharon Ngomani Life is rily tyt for students lyk me in Zimbabwe. Some people are not even managing 2 realise their dreams bcz of inadquate funding. Some are at university but are involved in illicit behaviour because they have 2 survive. Somethng mst b dne for sure. Collins Shava, that is very true and at times female students are exposed to the danger of rape frm landlords. Situation must be improved in Senga and Nehosho as well as othr surbubs in Gweru

SM: Yap,1) t simply shows that university students ar nt a national priority as such these then abandonded grants will remain a pipe dream fr us as a nation. 2) in as far as the girl child at university is concernd,the government shuld try by all means to protect gels n colleges systems & statutes i.e 60% of residents b gels @ subsidised coct,hanti we ar n a women empowerment era,so such kind of systems shuld b n place fr protection,,3) the corperat sector shuld tap in by providing grants to such students,the gorvenment,private sector cn nt say they cnt afford to provide grants fr students,its just a matter of priority chete!!


I moved from rape victim to being a graduate-Use my story to inspire girls round the world

Dont stay victim and dont be forced to marry-come out and use education to free yourself

Please note story below is in original phone text writing with short cuts. It was not edited. We always want such stories to remain in original style.

Hey betty wld lyc yu to share my story with atha ladies out there.plzz hide I’d am a lady hu z 22yrs old . There is a young man I loved so much. and al simed we’ll.we had agreed that ther wsnt going to b sex bfore marriage bt heey he had his own plans ake and by then didn’t no that he had arranged to rape me and so he asked me to take him to his friend.

at a frnd ‘s place when we arrived  he raped becoz he ws my 1st cut and l luved him soo much didn’t want to repot th matter to th police wat l did was to tell my parents al that had hapened. My father was angry and he took me to his house. He did not accept me at first  bt later he accepted. He later physicially and sexually abused me to revenge my father imposing me on him. He used to beat me until I collapsed. He beat me because he said I was not a virgin because I did not bleed when he had sex with me. I had not slept with anyone. l ws hurt to th las degree. He blocked me from going to university.he said a wife does not go to school.l suffered so much until some miracle happened and my father accepted me back home.

we went fo hiv tests and ws negative and luckily wsnt pregnant.l started xul and nw and am in my 4th year at a local advice to my sisters out ther is that when a man does not love you please don’t force. I used to think he took away my virginity and so he had to marry mebut later I realised  th 1st cut doest min  end of the world.

there ar some ladies out ther hu ar being abused by their partners bt becoz they can’t tell themselves that  enough is enough and they keep holding to them. Now he is regretting and coming to say sorry. Am now in my fourth year university.I don’t want to see him l told myself that enough was enough .food for thought guys.thanx betty